Date: 31 Jul 2007

The core theme of this innovative programme is building confidence, self-belief and a can-do attitude. The programme is to be run by Enterprise Enfield ( and initially funding of £70,000 has been allocated by RSA Trust. The intended outcome is for a limited number of quantified females to establish a sustainable business.

Enterprise Enfield wanted to extend the range of practical programmes and support it already provided by taking a holistic approach to personal and business development. To achieve this aim they wanted to introduce an integrated programme that focuses on building the personal qualities needed to deal with the emotional impact of change as well as on the skills needed to make that first step into self-employment. They were aware of RSA Trust’s willingness to support innovative programmes and this has been tailored to meet with our Objectives.

The help will come from theoretical courses, supported by exercises, role plays and case studies. The practical assistance and support will include help with childcare, access to finance (including loans and grants), access to premises (including rental help). Through the programme there will be ongoing coaching, mentioning and networking support. For further details please contact Enterprise Enfield.